Some updates and my first English post

I’ve been in US for about two months, and here comes a serious problem: My English really SUCKS.

I’ve never come to US before, even never think about studying or working outside China before I got Facebook’s offer. So I have little experience in English. We do study English in China, but just for standardized test, which contains mostly multiple choice problems. So, the situation is, I can read (with the help of dictionary) and write (in spite of tons of spelling/grammar error), but I have much difficulty in listening and speaking.

For improving my written English, I’ll post blogs in English in future. The English posts will basically about technique, because I think it’s even more difficult to express the `kuso’ of daily-life in English instead of Chinese.

Feel free to correct me if you find any typo or other errors in my article. I’ll appreciate your help.Thanks. :)

  1. English is being more and more like isolating languages. Just be free to speak what you are thinking and you’ll find others are able to get it pretty well.

  2. Anyone that points out some errors in the articles will have a chance to be refered to have a communication with company’s engineer. :mrgreen:

  3. YM RoBa……其实目前已经深有同感了……

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